*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Friday, June 18, 2010

BUSY Week!

This week i have been so very busy, Im not even kidding. I has been softball pretty much 24/7 because we practice 4 hours every single day! Well except for Saturday and Sunday( Thank God:) lol. We practice 2 hours in the morning and night, hitting in the morning and fielding in the evening! I think we are doing very good because we rarely have many mistakes and thats great!! We all an all-star team for Elbert County and we have 11 people on the team. We are all really all wonderful softball players and think we have a good chance of our winnings! Hopefully=) My sister Caitlin is also on an all- star team but they are a league under us and havent even starting practicing yet! Lucky! Well at least I got one break from this week and during it i went to SIX FLAGS!!! I absolutely love that place because im a thriller chick:) So im not scared of ANY roller coasters and Im glad of that because I get to enjoy the fun of any park! Some rides we rode were Goliath, Superman, Batman, Scorcher, Wheelie, Shake Rattle and Roll, umn Hanson Cars, Thunder River, Skull Island, Monster Plantation, Mind Bender, and I think that is about it, there were all so very fun!!!!!!! We even got to ride first on Goliath and it was an absolutely amazing experience to actually see where you are going when you get up to the very top of the hill and then fall so far! It is the longest, fastest, and tallest ride in the whole entire park of Georgia of course and definetly the most thrilling ride in the park! It is so fun and great! Superman man is where you actually ride like you are flying on the coaster and it is also my 2nd favorite ride in the park even though i ♥ them all! The sad part is that we were at the Skull Island and me and Caitlin were about to get to the tallest water slide they have there and we were like second to start the ride but then they started to evacuate because of the darn weather:( i was so upset and sad at the same time. Then we just waited till the weather cleared up and starting riding the roller coasters and but didnt go back to Skull Island bc I think they closed it for the rest of the day! After we left we went to Chick-fil-a and it is my FAVORITE fast food in the world, it is also very yummy and clean too! I got an 8 piece chicken nuggets with some of their famous waffle fries and a diet coke and they were so good, i also got some Polynesian and Honey Mustard sauce that tops everything off and then I got a Cookies and Cream milkshake and them we were off and we went home and went to bed! I had a great week and a fun one at that, but my feet hurt and im gonna get off now! Till next time......................................................PEACE♥

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