*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missing Wallet =*(((

Hey its me again!!!! Today is our last day at the beach which is kind of sad but I think I am ready to go. This morning we went to the beach but who knows why, I brought my wallet. It was a very bad idea to start with but oh well. So I was going to the bathroom there because my stomach was K~I~L~L~I~N~G me!!!!!!! I was pretty sure I brought my wallet back to our set up but I guess I was wrong. Daddy, Dayna, and I went back to our house thing because we were tired. Then later on that day we were going to go out to eat and I was going to get my wallet and I couldnt find it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so WORRIED because I didnt know where it was or really where I left it last......so we went down to the beach on our way to eat to look for it. We went to go look in the bathroom and my mom and checked the trash cans!!!! It sounds gross but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. We couldnt find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! Once we finally gave up at the beach we went to the hotel closest to the beach front and asked them, they told us to ask beach patrol but like I said they were already gone. After we were done looking we finally went to go eat and I had me some reaaaaaaaly good crab legs! I got like 1 and 1/2 pounds of crab legs, they are my favorite sea food :P but anyways............back to the wallet we are finally back at our place and tommorow my family is going to go to the beach to ask the Beach Patrol for lost and found. Hopefully we will find it or I am going to lose $51, my ID, a Wendys giftcard, lots of change, and some cards that are pretty worthless but it stills adds up if you know what I'm saying!!! I really hope things turn out good out on my wallet but if not ohhhh well. Till next time...............................PEACE!!!! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

*Our Bike Ride :)

Hey its me again!!! Here I am still at the beach having a wonderful time and this morning we went on a bike adventure! We got up at around 6 and got ready to go bike riding. We got our water bottles and we headed off! First we took off down the path down to the beach where we started to ride! My family and I cycled on the beach for about 1 maybe 2 miles until we got to the Coligny Shopping Center and we ate at a restaurant called Skillets Cafe and it was so delicious!!!!!!! I got this pancake thing calle and STRAWBERRY TURNOVER and it was fannnnnntastic. It had hot strawberries in the pancake and on the outside of it there were some very delicious fresh strawberries and whip cream and I looooooove whip cream, lol!! My family also got some yummy things including Amber's Banana Foster Pancake and Dayna and Caitlin's Smoothies:) Then after we ate we started again on the bike ride. We rode on the main highway but there were bike paths on the side walk and it even had little cute STOP signs on the side of the path where you had to stop to wait for the cars to pass by. While we were on the ride we stopped at the fountain looking place, i guess it was a memorial thing. There was this spinning rock on like this granite square statue thing! You could even sit on it and spiiiiiiiiin :) It was actually kind of fun!!!! After that we started on our ride again and after about another 1 or 2 miles we were home at last! When we got home, Dayna, Momma, and I went to go play tennis. it was so hot outside that I had to come back in and lay down for a while! I'm not sure what we are actually doing tonight but till next time........................................................PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

~Madison and Sophie :) *New Friends!

Hey its me again!!!! having an absolute great time at the HHI also know as the beach. Whether its hanging by the pool or in the ocean!!! We have also met some new people!!! Well actually my parents knew them before we did. They are the Kelleys but their actual names are Vince, Vikki, Madison, and Sophie! They are so sweet! My mom actually went to highschool with Vince and Marlee and Chuck visit them sometime. They live in Kentucky and they just came down to stay with Marlee and them but we have been seeing them some too!! Madison is 12 and she is going and to the 7th grade and Sophie is 7 and I think she is going to either 2nd or 3rd grade! Dayna plays with Sophie the most and me and Caitlin have been playing with Madison a lot. They have been here since Sunday and we have been to the beach with them some. We also went to watch fireworks withthem on Sunday that is really the first time we actually got to spend an evening together. We have done a lot this week with friends and family of course! Madison and Sophie even got to spend the night last night at our condo!!!!!!!!! We made like this HUGE pallet on the floor where we slept last night and our parents played cards! Then today we went to the movies on the island!!!! Madison, Amber, Caitlin, and I went to go see ECLIPSE, I have been wanting to see it for a while now! While we went to go see it, Dayna, Sophie, Momma, and Daddy went to go see Grownups. That movie looked funny but I really wanted to see Eclipse more so I did!!!! Then after the movie we went to go eat at this restaurant called Reilleys and it was very yummy :P After we ate we went to this doughnut shop called Flamingos and they have really delicious doughnuts!!!!! I got a Banana and white chocolate chip one and a Boston Creme one but I already ate them:) LOL, I think we are going to the beach and then Put- Put tonight so till next time...................................................PEACE!!!! :D

Saturday, July 3, 2010


OK! So here I am again and right now I am actually sitting on our balcony and it feels so good outside at this moment! My family and I took off for the beach yesterday at 9:45 in the morning we made a few stops to well eat of course and also did a bit of some shopping at the outlets and I got some really cute stuff for a great price!!!!!! We got very bored in the car and we took some really fun pics. Then we met up with Chuck and Marlee at the restaurant called Wild Wing Cafe and it was absolutely delicious, me and my sister, Amber, got this thing called a Wing Sampler and it was very good! We got to choose 5 flavors for 5 wing but there were 25 wings in all! It was good! Then after we ate we went to BILO and got some groceries! When we actually got to Chuck and Marlee's place, we got some Strawberry Daiquiris and they were very yummy! The next day we went to the beach, Hilton Head Island, and it was kind of crazy because the wind was blowing so hard that me and my sister got wind burns and they really hurt too. =/ So we decided to go to the pool and lay out which we did and we got in the hot tub some to. Amber and I layed out and actually took a nap in our chairs for at least an hour and we got a little burnt but that's ok because the burn eventually turns into a tan :) and I'm happy about that!!!! When we got back to our condo my mom and Marlee cooked us some delicious food! We had roast beef, squash casserole, okra, and corn and it was so good! I think we are going to get some ice cream maybe tonight! Well Im about to get off so till next time...........................................PEACE!!! =))))

Friday, June 18, 2010

BUSY Week!

This week i have been so very busy, Im not even kidding. I has been softball pretty much 24/7 because we practice 4 hours every single day! Well except for Saturday and Sunday( Thank God:) lol. We practice 2 hours in the morning and night, hitting in the morning and fielding in the evening! I think we are doing very good because we rarely have many mistakes and thats great!! We all an all-star team for Elbert County and we have 11 people on the team. We are all really all wonderful softball players and think we have a good chance of our winnings! Hopefully=) My sister Caitlin is also on an all- star team but they are a league under us and havent even starting practicing yet! Lucky! Well at least I got one break from this week and during it i went to SIX FLAGS!!! I absolutely love that place because im a thriller chick:) So im not scared of ANY roller coasters and Im glad of that because I get to enjoy the fun of any park! Some rides we rode were Goliath, Superman, Batman, Scorcher, Wheelie, Shake Rattle and Roll, umn Hanson Cars, Thunder River, Skull Island, Monster Plantation, Mind Bender, and I think that is about it, there were all so very fun!!!!!!! We even got to ride first on Goliath and it was an absolutely amazing experience to actually see where you are going when you get up to the very top of the hill and then fall so far! It is the longest, fastest, and tallest ride in the whole entire park of Georgia of course and definetly the most thrilling ride in the park! It is so fun and great! Superman man is where you actually ride like you are flying on the coaster and it is also my 2nd favorite ride in the park even though i ♥ them all! The sad part is that we were at the Skull Island and me and Caitlin were about to get to the tallest water slide they have there and we were like second to start the ride but then they started to evacuate because of the darn weather:( i was so upset and sad at the same time. Then we just waited till the weather cleared up and starting riding the roller coasters and but didnt go back to Skull Island bc I think they closed it for the rest of the day! After we left we went to Chick-fil-a and it is my FAVORITE fast food in the world, it is also very yummy and clean too! I got an 8 piece chicken nuggets with some of their famous waffle fries and a diet coke and they were so good, i also got some Polynesian and Honey Mustard sauce that tops everything off and then I got a Cookies and Cream milkshake and them we were off and we went home and went to bed! I had a great week and a fun one at that, but my feet hurt and im gonna get off now! Till next time......................................................PEACE♥

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun Times With Laura:))

Hello there again:) This weekend me and my Fruzin Morgan went to our other Fruzins house Laura. She is a really fun spirited woman and very sweet! Anyways.....Friday night me and Morg went over to Lauras house in Anderson, SC and we were suppose to have a blog party but no one really showed up and we all wore these very funny and crazy looking outfits and we looked so cute but funky:) After we got to Lauras house we set up for a yard sale we were going to have the next morning and went to Chick-fil-a and it was so delicious like seriously I absolutely love that place and its so good!!!! What was so cool is that we saw this sign on the table that said that you could get a free milkshake so we did and got one, and they were VERY good! So then we were going out to the car and Laura found out that she had accidently locked her keys in the car so we sat outside of Chick-fil-a. So there we were just sipping out wonderful milkshake I poked a hole in mine on accident. They were still so good very good! Then the next mornig which was Sat. we got up and had a yard sale, it was so much fun. Me and Morgan had a face painting stand which was really cool. We earned some money, may not much but still good:) Then in the afternoon we went to this really fun waterpark and stayed there till 6 and went to Taco Bell and we also rented the movie Alice in Wonderland the 2010 one and it was so good!!!!!!! Sunday (today) we slept in late and then went to the great Goodwill and got some really great deals and buys and it was the half off today which was in better:) We got some cute stuff and it was GREAT!!!!!!! Well till next time..............PEACE=))))))))))!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swimming and VBS!!!

Hey! I havent been on in quite awhile because I have been so busy. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer:) Anyways.....today I got to see MORGAN!!! We havent seen each other in quite awhile but today we did because after church we went to her house. It was me, Morgan, Camryn, Caitlin, Dayna, and Amber! We swam alllllllllll afternoon and it was so much fun. We also ate some very delicious watermelon that Fran cut, we ate it with some salt and it was soooooooooooo very good!!!! (i ♥ Watermelon) Even though we got a little sunburnt it was still a fun day with fruzinz!!!! We also had VBS tonight at our church tonight and we will have it through Thursday. Our theme is "High Seas Expedition" Exploring the Mighty Love♥ of God:) We go to a church called Dewy Rose Baptist Church, I have gone there all my life! Our VBS is really fun and its in Elerton Georgia, if anyone wants to come! Well I must be going now so ttyl:)