*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

~Madison and Sophie :) *New Friends!

Hey its me again!!!! having an absolute great time at the HHI also know as the beach. Whether its hanging by the pool or in the ocean!!! We have also met some new people!!! Well actually my parents knew them before we did. They are the Kelleys but their actual names are Vince, Vikki, Madison, and Sophie! They are so sweet! My mom actually went to highschool with Vince and Marlee and Chuck visit them sometime. They live in Kentucky and they just came down to stay with Marlee and them but we have been seeing them some too!! Madison is 12 and she is going and to the 7th grade and Sophie is 7 and I think she is going to either 2nd or 3rd grade! Dayna plays with Sophie the most and me and Caitlin have been playing with Madison a lot. They have been here since Sunday and we have been to the beach with them some. We also went to watch fireworks withthem on Sunday that is really the first time we actually got to spend an evening together. We have done a lot this week with friends and family of course! Madison and Sophie even got to spend the night last night at our condo!!!!!!!!! We made like this HUGE pallet on the floor where we slept last night and our parents played cards! Then today we went to the movies on the island!!!! Madison, Amber, Caitlin, and I went to go see ECLIPSE, I have been wanting to see it for a while now! While we went to go see it, Dayna, Sophie, Momma, and Daddy went to go see Grownups. That movie looked funny but I really wanted to see Eclipse more so I did!!!! Then after the movie we went to go eat at this restaurant called Reilleys and it was very yummy :P After we ate we went to this doughnut shop called Flamingos and they have really delicious doughnuts!!!!! I got a Banana and white chocolate chip one and a Boston Creme one but I already ate them:) LOL, I think we are going to the beach and then Put- Put tonight so till next time...................................................PEACE!!!! :D

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