*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Saturday, July 3, 2010


OK! So here I am again and right now I am actually sitting on our balcony and it feels so good outside at this moment! My family and I took off for the beach yesterday at 9:45 in the morning we made a few stops to well eat of course and also did a bit of some shopping at the outlets and I got some really cute stuff for a great price!!!!!! We got very bored in the car and we took some really fun pics. Then we met up with Chuck and Marlee at the restaurant called Wild Wing Cafe and it was absolutely delicious, me and my sister, Amber, got this thing called a Wing Sampler and it was very good! We got to choose 5 flavors for 5 wing but there were 25 wings in all! It was good! Then after we ate we went to BILO and got some groceries! When we actually got to Chuck and Marlee's place, we got some Strawberry Daiquiris and they were very yummy! The next day we went to the beach, Hilton Head Island, and it was kind of crazy because the wind was blowing so hard that me and my sister got wind burns and they really hurt too. =/ So we decided to go to the pool and lay out which we did and we got in the hot tub some to. Amber and I layed out and actually took a nap in our chairs for at least an hour and we got a little burnt but that's ok because the burn eventually turns into a tan :) and I'm happy about that!!!! When we got back to our condo my mom and Marlee cooked us some delicious food! We had roast beef, squash casserole, okra, and corn and it was so good! I think we are going to get some ice cream maybe tonight! Well Im about to get off so till next time...........................................PEACE!!! =))))

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