*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missing Wallet =*(((

Hey its me again!!!! Today is our last day at the beach which is kind of sad but I think I am ready to go. This morning we went to the beach but who knows why, I brought my wallet. It was a very bad idea to start with but oh well. So I was going to the bathroom there because my stomach was K~I~L~L~I~N~G me!!!!!!! I was pretty sure I brought my wallet back to our set up but I guess I was wrong. Daddy, Dayna, and I went back to our house thing because we were tired. Then later on that day we were going to go out to eat and I was going to get my wallet and I couldnt find it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so WORRIED because I didnt know where it was or really where I left it last......so we went down to the beach on our way to eat to look for it. We went to go look in the bathroom and my mom and checked the trash cans!!!! It sounds gross but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. We couldnt find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! Once we finally gave up at the beach we went to the hotel closest to the beach front and asked them, they told us to ask beach patrol but like I said they were already gone. After we were done looking we finally went to go eat and I had me some reaaaaaaaly good crab legs! I got like 1 and 1/2 pounds of crab legs, they are my favorite sea food :P but anyways............back to the wallet we are finally back at our place and tommorow my family is going to go to the beach to ask the Beach Patrol for lost and found. Hopefully we will find it or I am going to lose $51, my ID, a Wendys giftcard, lots of change, and some cards that are pretty worthless but it stills adds up if you know what I'm saying!!! I really hope things turn out good out on my wallet but if not ohhhh well. Till next time...............................PEACE!!!! :D

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  1. OH NO! I am so sorry...I hope you find your wallet!!! I'll say a lil' prayer!