*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)

*Sisters!!!! ♥ :)
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Friday, July 9, 2010

*Our Bike Ride :)

Hey its me again!!! Here I am still at the beach having a wonderful time and this morning we went on a bike adventure! We got up at around 6 and got ready to go bike riding. We got our water bottles and we headed off! First we took off down the path down to the beach where we started to ride! My family and I cycled on the beach for about 1 maybe 2 miles until we got to the Coligny Shopping Center and we ate at a restaurant called Skillets Cafe and it was so delicious!!!!!!! I got this pancake thing calle and STRAWBERRY TURNOVER and it was fannnnnntastic. It had hot strawberries in the pancake and on the outside of it there were some very delicious fresh strawberries and whip cream and I looooooove whip cream, lol!! My family also got some yummy things including Amber's Banana Foster Pancake and Dayna and Caitlin's Smoothies:) Then after we ate we started again on the bike ride. We rode on the main highway but there were bike paths on the side walk and it even had little cute STOP signs on the side of the path where you had to stop to wait for the cars to pass by. While we were on the ride we stopped at the fountain looking place, i guess it was a memorial thing. There was this spinning rock on like this granite square statue thing! You could even sit on it and spiiiiiiiiin :) It was actually kind of fun!!!! After that we started on our ride again and after about another 1 or 2 miles we were home at last! When we got home, Dayna, Momma, and I went to go play tennis. it was so hot outside that I had to come back in and lay down for a while! I'm not sure what we are actually doing tonight but till next time........................................................PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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